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perfectly describes the heart of Scripted and its professional services.

We are a company that is passionate about helping people make sense of life on many different levels – personally, as a family, educationally, corporately, as a community or a nation.

With over 25 years experience in people empowerment, training, consulting, mentoring and coaching, Company Directors and Principal consultants David & Tina Vaka have helped thousands of people make sense of life and get the best out of it.

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The apostolic generation of the 21st century is an omega generation.

They live at the end of God’s purpose and work their way back to their current earthly position. They live at the omega dimension before and during the execution of God’s purpose in the natural realm. The omega dimension is their dwelling place and they call it home. They live in the heavens while functioning in the earth. Their sight has been elevated and their spirit catapulted and established in eternity. They have nailed their spirit and mind to the omega of the purposes of God while physically performing and outworking them in the natural. As far as they are concerned, what they are doing for God in the earth is a done deal, and they draw their strength from this mentality, truth and understanding. 

They are not running towards an uncertain future, but from the future, they move swiftly to the present. From the omega they alpha the purpose of the Father powerfully on earth, bringing them to an ultimate finish within divinely prescribed time. While many start and are unsure about finishing, this generation finish before they start. They are a generation that lives at the end.

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