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The darkest moment of the planet will be the brightest moment of a certain people God is fashioning in the earth. At the earth’s most confused and bewildered moment, God who is light will beam through His chosen instrumentality with great intensity of power. God who creates darkness and light will powerfully manifest Himself in this time of severe obscurity and blackness. He will raise a standard to bear His unfathomable glory in the earth’s greatest moment of need. This standard is called a Vast Mighty Army comprised of sons and daughters fashioned in the archetype of Jesus in the womb of the church. An army of unparalleled nature and stature such as never was of old, nor ever will be in ages to come. They are a modern day JOELS ARMY infused with the glory, power and grace of Samson, David, Joshua and all the great warriors that have graced the pages of the Bible.


The hour of a cataclysmic collision of the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of God is here.


God’s Army is on the rise!!


Let the earth tremble for the awful day of the Lord is here!!


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Mobilising God's Army

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