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Leadership Training  


Our Leadership Training focuses on identifying, training and equipping people to provide leadership, influence and inspiration in their particular arena of life. We have experience in training leaders for government, corporations, not-for-profits, business, sports and education.  If you are looking for a relevant, simple and impacting programme that will quickly stir and bring to life the leadership skills in your leadership teams, then get in touch with us. We would love to discuss your leadership training needs and deliver a programme that will catapult your organisation to the next level.

Contact us to discuss your leadership needs today.

Educational workshops   


We provide one-to-one and small group educational workshops and seminars in the following areas:  


  • Study skills coaching:  in these sessions we coach you to be a successful student by equipping you with the study skills you need to tackle your studies confidently.  

  • ESL (general English for pre-intermediate to advanced), IELTS, English for Academic Purposes:  classes to improve your English language ability.  

  • Personal development: these sessions are specifically designed to prepare you for employment.  Covering topics such as CV/resume writing, time management, goal setting, personal strategic planning, interpersonal communication and written communication.  


Contact us to discuss your educational needs today.  


Personal & Professional Coaching 


These sessions will help you find your purpose and direction in life while putting effective strategies in place to enable you to achieve this.  A life-coaching/mentoring session with us can arm you with confidence, a fresh perspective, passion and drive to reach your life-goals.


Contact us to book a session today.  



Wedding packages   


Our wedding packages can make your day and your marriage a memory and journey to last a lifetime.  Whether it’s just the wedding ceremony or a package that includes the ceremony with counselling, our services have proven time and time again that they WORK!    


Contact us to obtain a quote or make a booking.  


Consultancy Services  


We have provided consultancy services to NGO’s, government ministers, businesses, community organisations and churches throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.  Our passion is to empower organisations to see them succeed in their goals and objectives so that they make a positive impact in the world.  Our experience in leadership training, organisational growth, communications and management can help your organisation thrive and succeed.  


Contact us to discuss your consultancy needs today.  


Resources (books, training DVD’s, manuals, audio training material etc.)  


A myriad of resources have been developed by Scripted over the last 20 years that have been effective in helping people, businesses, organisations and churches develop and expand in their vision and purpose. 


For more information on our resources, please contact us.  


Editing & Proofreading   


Tina is a qualified and experienced editor/proofreader having studied a Diploma in Professional Editing, Proofreading & Publishing as well as acquiring a DipTESL and MA in Applied Linguistics.  She has edited numerous essays, academic reports, organisational reports as well as books and manuals.  In addition to this, she is able to conduct workshops on editing and proofreading for University students who desire to hone their editing skills.  


Contact us for more information or to book a job.  




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