We've done it! Launched - tick.

It's been an eventful day launching and letting all our family, friends and networks know that we are in business!

We'd just like to take this time to thank some very key and awesome people who have helped us behind the scenes to make this a reality with their creativity, intelligence, expertise and skills ... plus a lot of personality and passion to boot!

Our graphic designer and brand engineer Emele Tuinona - thank you! Love your work and if anyone here needs some branding done, get this girl on your team.

Our business structure and accounting engineer Lilian Festus - you're AMAZING. What you know and how you work is nothing short of incredible greatness.

Our creative photographer and creative eye Lisa Kubunameca - thank you a million times over and over. If anyone wants some great photography done for your business, check her out at My House agency.

Our business mentors and friends Marg Aspin and Wesley Leake - you started this and now we're going to finish it! Thank you for your incredible hearts, wisdom, experience, passion and vibe for business. Here we are 'Turning our Business Idea into Reality'.

Thanks so much everyone for liking our Facebook page today, checking out our website and giving us your love, encouragement and support! It means a lot.

David & Tina

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Ph: +61 435 451 773

email: connect@thescripted.com

Would you like to know more about SCRIPTED or any of our services? Please fill out our enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.