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Enriching others

"The generous soul will be made rich, and he who waters will also be watered himself."- Proverbs 11:25

Most people get into business to solely make money for themselves and there is nothing wrong with that - after all, running a business is about making money! But for us at Scripted, our business philosophy is a little bit different. We believe that if you enrich others, you in turn will be enriched. This doesn't mean that we don't intend to make money (because we absolutely do ... otherwise we are not a business!). However, our motives for doing business give us a different drive for business success. And because of this belief, we try our best to make sure that our attitude, our actions and our services convey our core values.

Recently we added into our business a natural health product that is enriching people's health in phenomenal ways. I heard of how people with mood swings, sleeping problems, low energy levels, cartilage and joint issues, circulation and blood level problems, testified of huge improvements to their health in these different areas through using this product. Of course, I was curious and I had to try it for myself! Lol. Immediately, I had a huge increase in my energy levels, my mental concentration and focus was so much better and my joint issues were quickly subsiding! It was invigorating and exciting to say the least! So how is this enriching others? The business side of this product is that Scripted have signed up to be distributors for this health product that not only helps people with their health, but is also a way to help people create wealth. The more we enrich lives with better health and making money, the more we are enriched in our vision, values and wealth.

So seek to enrich others today and watch your life have even greater significance than before!

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