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12 Tips for a Prosperous New Year Tip #1

Our passion at Scripted is 'Making Sense of Life' and empowering people to live the best lives that they were destined to live. Over the next few days, we'll be sharing here are our 12 tips for helping you live powerfully, prosperously and effectively in 2018.

Tip 1: Detox Your Spirit

Start your year off with a spiritual DETOX. Remove from your spirit all the toxins that have polluted it throughout 2017. Anger, bitterness, betrayal, offense, disappointment, broken dreams, loss, injustice and so on ... all these elements are poisonous to your spirit and will cause "spiritual disease". Get rid of these by FORGIVING the people, the circumstances, the situations and LET THEM GO from your spirit.

Start by saying OUT LOUD the names of people, the particular circumstances, the specific situations etc. and say out loud that you FORGIVE them. Keep doing this until you begin to feel something change in your spirit.

Going into the 2018, start with a clean slate so that you can begin to receive the NEW and POSITIVE things of life that are destined for you.

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