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12 Tips for a Prosperous New Year Tip #3

Tip 3: Detox your soul

Your soul is made up of your mind, thoughts, emotions, intellect, memories. It's very close to your spirit and is almost indistinguishable from it.

For a prosperous life, remove all the toxins from your soul. DELETE all the negative memories, negative emotions, negative thoughts and feelings from your soul. FORGET whatever was bad. FORGET whatever has impacted your life unfavourably. Forget the people who hurt you. Forget the failures. Let go of pessimistic thoughts and sad, gloomy memories that constantly pop up in your mind to keep you stuck in the past negative events in your life. Deliberately work on forgetting and removing from your mind and memory all the adverse thought patterns from your soul.

Start redesigning your mind and thinking patterns for a prosperous new life this year!

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