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12 Tips for a Prosperous New Year Tip #4

Tip 4: Fill your mind

Removing all the poison and toxins from your soul/mind requires you to now fill your mind with good things. Start deliberately working on filling your mind with thoughts that are:









Check, monitor and evaluate your thoughts by asking yourself: Is this thought ________ ? [fill in the blank with one of the words above e.g. true, noble, right, pure, lovely etc.] If the answer is NO, then delete it and move on. Many times we are our worst enemy and we sabotage our prosperity, bright future and fulfilling our dreams by thinking WRONG! Start filling your mind with the RIGHT THOUGHTS and set yourself on the path to prosperity and an abundant life. Whatever your think, that's what you are! Stinky thinking results in stinky living.

Be careful of the company you keep. Their pessimistic thinking, negative conversation and discouraging persona can keep you bound to a negative mindset that will pull you down and keep you in a deep dark hole.

Start renewing your mind today and living the awesome life you were meant to live!

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