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12 Tips for a Prosperous New Year Tip #5

Tip 5: Detox your body

We have had great success helping thousands of people prosper over our 25 plus years of working with corporate/political leaders, sport professionals and business entrepreneurs, working from the INSIDE OUT. When you deal with your inner person - your spirit, soul, mind, emotions (as we have been talking about in Tips 1 - 4) then you need to start dealing with your outward self, namely your physical body. One of the keys that we recommend in working with your physical body is to make sure that you have or are dealing with your core beliefs, thoughts, motives and thought patterns about your health, self-image, identity, self-worth and food.

Once you have set your inner self to the correct position, take time at the start of this year to detox your body from all the junk food, caffeine, sugar, fatty foods and every other toxin in your body. There are many different detox programmes for your body out there - consult with your health professional and start a detox to cleanse your body. Your skin will glow, your mind will be clearer, your body will feel lighter and healthier for doing this.

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