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12 Tips for a Prosperous New Year Tip #6

Tip 6: Eat healthy

A healthy diet is needed for every area of our lives. We all need a healthy diet for our spirit, soul and body. There is a famous saying, 'You are what you eat!'. Spiritually speaking, if we surround ourselves with gloomy, negative, hateful or bitter people and absorb all their negative conversations into our consciousness and thinking, these will become toxic to both our spirit and soul causing a very unhealthy outcome for our lives. But if we feed our spirit and soul with positive messages from optimistic, liberated and positive people, this will result in a very healthy and vibrant spirit and soul taking us towards a prosperous and fulfilling life.

For our physical bodies, be deliberate to only eat healthy nutritious food. A simple diet of drinking a lot of water, eating a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables (healthily prepared!) and limiting your intake of fatty fast foods, alcohol, fizzy drinks, sweets and so forth to be a rare treat, can help you have a healthy body that will see you fit and prosperous this year. Aim to exercise regularly this year too, at a level that is appropriate for your body type, size and ability.

Again, check with your doctor or health professional to see what the best physical diet and exercise programme would be for you.

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