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12 Tips for a Prosperous New Year Tip #8

Tip 8: Set Goals

It's exciting to find your passion and greatest desire in life. It brings with it hope, determination, boldness, courage, new perspective and energy to our lives that we didn't have before. It's very healthy to DREAM and to ASPIRE to great things and to desire great exploits in life for ourselves and for others. Dreams, desire, passion are inspirational and motivating to do great things with our lives.

Finding our passion and desire then leads us to start thinking about and setting GOALS to achieve those desires. Set S.M.A.R.T. goals for your life this year. Make them specific - don't just settle for something general and non-specific. Make your goals measurable, achievable and realistic - don't make a "dream" a goal, but make a goal measurable, achievable and realistic so that your "dream" can come true! Put a timeframe to your goals - give a deadline of when your will achieve your goals. This will keep you driving to reach them and accountable to attaining them.

Write your goals out and put them up in places where you can see them constantly. Every now and then, rewrite the goals and post them up again - on a different coloured paper, in different font, on a different size paper/cardboard. This way you won't just become familiar with them being on your wall or pin-board and not keep driving to achieve them. Sometimes we write up our goals at the beginning of the year or new season in life and enthusiastically put them up all over our office walls, bathroom mirrors, bedroom walls etc. But then we slowly become so used to seeing them there, that we eventually don't see them at all! Make sure you keep your GOALS IN SIGHT to achieve them.

Share these goals with someone you trust to keep you accountable, motivated and driven to achieve them. Once you set your goals, it's a step in the direction to living a prosperous life and fulfilling your desires.

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