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12 Tips for a Prosperous New Year Tip #9

Tip 9: Set your strategies

SMART goals need SMART strategies. Think through your goals and begin to devise ways to achieve those goals. Start with just DOING what needs to be done, big or small, to achieve those dreams and goals that you have written down.

Strategies should have a time line, an action list and a list of the resources that you will use to successfully carry out those strategies and reach those goals. Each strategy is like a step - take one step at a time to reach your destination. Get creative with your strategies and where there seems to be a road-block, stop, think and create a way to get through that blockage. Be deliberate in following the plan, be faithful and always optimistic of achieving your goals and carrying out your strategy.

Write out your strategies (keep them simple), post them somewhere where you can see them regularly, share them with a trusted friend who will keep you accountable and help motivate you to achieve those goals; and above all else, DO them. A plan of attack is only as good as the actual attack! So get moving and DOING!!

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