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12 Tips for a Prosperous New Year Tip #10

Tip 10: ACT on your strategies

It might sound really simple, but strategies are nothing unless you ACT upon them and actually DO them! Many people can have great goals, great strategies and great ideas but unless you are FEARLESS and BOLD to step out and DO SOMETHING about them, you'll just be a dreamer and a "could have, would have, should have" idealist going nowhere!

Don't wait to know everything, don't wait to be ready, don't wait for the "big break" - step out and make life happen. A lot of times all our logic and reason as to why we can't achieve something or DO something are just excuses to try and cover up our fear of failure, ridicule and shame. Who cares? You only have this life to live once so you might as well GIVE IT EVERYTHING!

Just step out and do it.

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